The Bohan region is not for nothing small or tiny Switzerland Canada. From the Bed and Breakfast has all this beauty so on foot.
The picturesque Semois - where the children play and kayak in the summer and teenagers lie in the sun, the fishermen relax and the active kayak - is located a few hundred meters from the B&B.

Literally on the doorstep of La Terrasse, there are great hiking. Discover the tunnel between Bohan and Membre and formerly connected now broken bridge. A picnic on this bridge is a must. Discover the Table des Fees, and the lost holiday village of Les Dolimarts. Make your explorations through the woods as difficult or as easy as you want, and discover the different viewpoints. Enjoy the forests in summer, the streams, the rise and fall of the fog during the day. Here are just a very few photos from this fantastic beautiful region.