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Home-made meals and snacks, for meat eaters and vegetarians

Our own kitchen is known for it - and for very reasonable prices!

We have a changing menu, always with some good classics (such as balls in tomato sauce) and also dishes with strong Russian influences. We also offer a range of vegetarian meals, be sure to ask.
Suggestions of the day can be found outside on our plate.

 And if you want us to cook one of our specialties especially for you: notify us in advance and ask!



variety and specialties


In our kitchen we prepare classics and our own specialties

The variety and variation in the menu allows you to rediscover familiar flavors or discover new ones.


As a bon vivant - and
 vegetarian - good food in the Ardennes

A discovery. Arrive somewhere and ask for something vegetarian. Be heard, and get the best vegetarian pasta I've ever eaten. And then sometimes Marina's delicacies - flavors from Russia, recipes we don't know here. And hand cut fries ... super tasty - and very affordable. In addition, a menu that changes frequently, and the possibility to ask "Kris, we will come for dinner, is it possible to make this or that" if it is possible to get a positive answer ... We come here  regularly!

Geert Willems - February 2020